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RS MULTI X to extraordinarily celebrate the Pride Month PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL The upcoming most fabulous festival for all prides in Southeast Asia will turn Koh Samui into PRIDEradise this June.

Be Ready to reach the PRIDEradise! RS MULTI X under the umbrella of RS MULTIMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. in RS GROUP cooperated with The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), participated with government and private partners held the 2024 grand press conference of “PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL” in the concept of “Let’s Join PRIDEradise” in unity to transform Samui island into the PRIDEradise island.


All LGBTQIAN+ are welcome to shine brightly and uniquely to celebrate the pride month in this newest upcoming event. The PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is going to be the most fabulous festival for all prides in Southeast Asia. For the first time, it is expected to accelerate tourism economic growth before the peak season of Samui. With the prospect of over 100,000 tourists from all regions in Thailand and around the world. The event will happen on 24-29 June, 2024 with PRIDE WEEK HAPPENING including Sunset Parade and Music Festival: Celebration Party at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Surat Tani province all 6 Days 6 Nights.

Miss Nongluk Ngamroj, CEO RS Multimedia & Entertainment of RS MULTIMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. said that “Thailand is one of the LGBTQIAN+  tourists top destinations and has various festivals that attracted tourists from around the world to enjoy the amazing vibes of its regions. One of the best summer-fest in June is the “Pride Month”, RS MULTI X therefore created the newest anticipated project ‘PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL’ to celebrate the Pride Festival finale as the most fantastic pride gathering of SEA. The origin of idea is also to make a toast to the approval of a marriage equality bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Thailand, which just become the first Southeast Asian nation to reach this page in the history. The great effort and success of the pride movement deserves cheerful acknowledgement from every sector, public or private, organization or person. RS MULTI X as a private partner who experienced in festival field and has potential as a leading entertainment promoter would like to shine with the PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL with the goal to be an international pride festival of the world within 5-6 years ahead.

RS MULTI X is pleased to be the part of the equal history by creating the prospect festival for LGBTQIAN+ to X marks Thailand as the free country, open to all genders and sexualities for enjoying the extraordinary experience in Pride Month this year. There are two principles of concept, the first one is the location that must be well-known to world LGBTQIAN+ included Thai and International tourists, to reach the right target and elevate Thailand to the International PRIDE Community Hub in Asia. Chaweng Beach, the longest beach in Koh Samui, is the landmark of tourist destination in southern region and has the main role in local economy especially in tourism part with readiness in various aspects. It has been the main venue in many festival events. Therefore, Chaweng is our best answer for the location. Second principle is the artists to entertain participants. The famous and favorite artists in LGBTQIAN+ society whom they admire as their role model or acknowledged local and international are who we are longing for. Finally, RS MULTI X has selected Thai artists along with renowned global DJs to emphasize the aim to propel SOFT POWER through the festival. The PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL will be established as the outstanding event in Thailand and worldwide.

Joyous activities in PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL start from 24-29 June 2024. The 1st phase is PRIDE WEEK HAPPENING on 24-28 June, consists of creative seminars, LGBTQIAN+ tourists welcome, workshop and marriage certificate registration document. The activities cooperated and supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN), Bangkok Pride and Samui government partners. Joined with vibrant fun from PRIDE Community Party, trendy Check-in photo spots, Art Installations and Art Happenings at Samui hotel enterprise group, Central Festival Samui and Landmarks around the Island. The 2nd phase on 29 June is the grand celebration with the first Sunset Parade that will warm up Chaweng walking street from 5 pm by the succession of government partners, private sectors, locals, LGBTQIAN+ icons, Artists and influencers. The gathering will empower all prides and start the history of transforming Koh Samui into PRIDEradise.

The heat up finale of the festival is Music Festival : Celebration Party by LGBTQIAN+  favorite Thais like Engfa Waraha, MILLI, Badmixy and global DJs like Sick Individuals, Rave Republic joined with Didi Han, DJ Saliva, BongBongQuayQuay plus many international DJs. Thus, this will be the great celebration of PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL for the first and fantastic time in history. Don’t miss out!

PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is in partnership with leading private sectors, including Bangkok Airways, Central Group, Central Pattana, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Central Department Store under Central Retail, good goods, cooperated with government and private partners in Samui, Suratthani province and also Bangkok Pride and Drag Bangkok. All joined with one aim, to elevate Thailand to be the destination of world-class LGBTQIAN+ Pride events.

Ticket price: 3,200 baht for festival entrance on June29, 2014. The tickets are now available on www.allticket.com or Counter service in 7-Eleven stores all branches. More information, please follow RS Multi X social media all platforms and www.pridenationsamuifestival.com.

Last but not least. Don’t miss out on the special collection of PRIDE NATION SAMUI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Official Merch: Flag, T-shirt, Silk scarf, Fan, etc. Points of sale will be announced on RS Multi X social media platforms and www.pridenationsamuifestival.com.


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